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Story Behind The Song: "Getting Away With Murder"
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Moby - He was in the punk band Flipper for a VERY breif time in the 80's. (thanks, shawn - Bremerton, WA) find out more..
Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull - Their first single, "Sunshine Day," mistakenly credited the band as "Jethro Toe." find out more..
Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys - In the early days of the band, they refused to sign a record contract with any label. Labels and scouts wanted the band to change their songs, but the band refused. The went so far as to refuse scouts guaranteed entry into their gigs. When they finally signed with Domino because of the "do it yourself" attitude of founder, Lawrence Bell, who ran the label from his own house. find out more..
Alex Call (867-5309)
Alex came up with the famous phone number and has plenty of stories to go with it. Find out why one famous producer is nicknamed "Basher."
Danny KortchmarDanny Kortchmar
Danny played guitar on Sweet Baby James, Tapestry, and Running On Empty. He also co-wrote many hit songs, including "Dirty Laundry," "Sunset Grill" and "Tender Is The Night."
Wednesday 13Wednesday 13
The Murderdolls frontman on how growing up with horror movies led to a life of shock rock.
Family Force 5Family Force 5
This Atlanta group brings it strong with bombastic beats in the name of God.