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Artistfacts is a searchable database of artist information compiled by radio professionals, music enthusiasts, and visitors to this web site. The "Artistfacts" are interesting tidbits about the people making the music. This is where you can find out the length of Gene Simmons' tongue. Artistfacts is free.

Using Artistfacts
If you have a specific artist in mind, type it into the search window. It will search the database, returning any artists that contain the word or words you entered in the title. You do not need to enter the entire name of the artist, for example a search of "Simon" will bring up Paul Simon as well as any other artists with "Simon" in their name. You can also browse the database by clicking on the letters under the search window, or get a random listing by clicking the "Random Artist" button from the home page.

Why should I register?
When you register, you can add Artistfacts and post comments. We ask for some basic information, like your age and where you are from. This allows us to attach your first name and where you are from to the Artistfacts you add and the comments you leave. You choose whether or not you want your email posted. We will not give out any of the information you give us or spam you. It's free to join.

How can I contribute to Artistfacts?
You can contribute to Artistfacts by clicking "Add Artistfacts," and entering anything you know about that artist into the form. We will review your entries and enter them into the database, where it will be accessible to everyone.

How do I post comments?
Go to an artist you would like to comment on. If you have registered, there will be a box at the bottom of the page where you can leave a comment.

Artistfacts and Songfacts
Artistfacts is information about the performers. Songfacts is information about specific songs. "The Beatles original name was 'The Quarrymen'" is an artistfact. "The opening of 'All You Need Is Love' is the French National Anthem" is a Songfact. You can access songfacts by clicking the button from Artistfacts, or go there directly at Songfacts works the same way as Artistfacts in terms of adding songs and posting comments. If you register on Artistfacts, your password will also work on Songfacts.

What sources are used to generate Artistfacts?
Sources include books, magazines, newspaper articles, reference materials, interviews, and observations. There are many fine publications that provide much more detail than we can here, and we encourage you to read more about any artist that interests you.

Contacting Artistfacts
Contact us at We welcome your comments and suggestions.