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Papa Roach

Papa Roach
Jacoby Shaddix (Coby Dick) (vocals)
Jerry Horton (guitar)
Tobin Esperance (bass)
Dave Buckner (drums)

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The band is named after Shaddix' great-grandfather, whose last name was Roatch. He was known as "Papa Roatch."
Their logo is a cockroach. They wanted to avoid the marijuana image implied by the word "Roach."
Shaddix used the stage name "Coby Dick" until 2002, when he decided he wanted to use his real name.
They recorded for independent labels before being signed by Dreamworks in 2000.
MTV provided a lot of exposure for the band. They showed up a lot on Total Request Live.
They started their own record label through Dreamworks called New Noise. The first band on the label was Alien Ant Farm.
They toured with Ozzfest in 2001. They used a spare bus to record tracks for their second album in between tour stops.
Shaddix played clarinet in his high school band.
They were the supporting act for The Red Hot Chili Peppers on their 2002 "By the Way" tour. (thanks, Glenn - Sydney, Australia)
They are from Vacaville California, a town about 30 miles South of Sacramento. (thanks, Rene - Sacramento, CA)
Papa Roach's first show was a talent show in 1993. (thanks, Tim - Pittsburgh, PA)

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papa roach recorded their album the paramour sessions at the paramour mansion. the paramour masnion is also believed to be haunted.
- Arthur, florence, AL
I actually new Jacoby before he was famous. My friend Sarah worked with him at Fresh Choice in Vacaville. He was a dishwasher and she was a server. One night we all hand out and he drove to Dixon (where my twin sis an I lived at the time) and I remember sitting next to him in the cab of a truck hearing him say over and over "I'm in a band and I'm gonna be famous someday". We all kinda just laughed it off 'cause a lot of people say that. Then about 2 years later I was a server at Mary's Pizza Shack and the band came in. I was serving them pizza and they still weren't super famous...but they were creeping out into the music scene. Very cool guys! Last but not least...the drummer was going out with this girl named Gretta who was a good friend of mine's cousin. He dumped her right after he got famous and married the Tyler girl. I'm not a huge fan, I just thought all of you fans might want to know a few more facts about the band.
- Carrie, Vacaville, CA
I LOVE PAPA ROACH!!!!THEY ROCK!!!I'm obsessed with them....serously!I love all of them especially Jacoby, I LOVE JACOBY!!HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!Not only is he hot but he writes awesome lyrics, i can relate to almost all of his songs, my favorite song would have to be Broken Home, because that is the song i can mostly relate to.My other favs. would have to be time&time again, last resort, binge, between angles&insects, lovehatetradgedy, scars, sos, alive, reckless, and the fire.KEEP ON ROCKIN' PAPA ROACH, NEVER STOP!!
- Tiffany, West Palm Beach, FL
Scars is without exception the best PR track and the video is great. And Coby Shaddix is yummy, top male totty!
- Denise, Peterborough, England
papa roach is hella tight. the drummer lives right down the street from me
- brando, vacaville, CA
I love Papa Roach so much they rock! They have great lyrics and a great beat to all there songs that make them fun and meaningful. PaPa RoAcH rOcKs!
- Melissa, My place
nickelback is a cool band and i like their songs and lyrics and so does my mom karen spellman and we both like to see chad kroeger's band play in concert and i like leader of men by nickelback's chad kroeger song and we both would like to go backstage to see them and to hang out with them and go to see a movie
- pamela, drexel , MO
PaPa RoAcH is the band who had changed my Personality the most. The lyrics describe my life. That´s why I love the band and they try to make different things. I mean Infest, Lovehatetragedy and Getting away with murder. First it was Crossover then Punk rock and now real Rock `n´ Roll... And live the Band is the best one...
Jasmin, DE
- Jasmin, Heidelberg, DE
I Love Papa Roach. The best band in the whole world! They have great songs and Coby Dick or Jacoby Shaddix is sooo HOT!!!
- Laura, Kemi, Finland
Did anyone else see the polka version of last resort(papa roach of course), get free(the Vines),and Hate to say I told you so(the hives).The polka version was created by Weird AL Yankovic...It was hilarious!
Sorry to break it to you P-Roach fans but this band is one of the most average nu-metal bands around. Though I do like their sense of fasion.
- Ian, New York, NY
how can anyone NOT like papa roach???? i just dont get it?! is that why only 1 other person posted on this site?? my favorite song by them though i "last resort" im not sure why but it is i also like thier new one "getting away with murder" i love the beat is has and the lirics are pretty kool too! and yea CALI KICKZ A$$!!!!!!!!!!
- lorena, santa monica, CA
From Sacramento, California. The band still films thier music videos in Sac-town and suburbs of the city.
- travis, sacramento, CA
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