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Macy Gray

(September 6, 1967)
Macy Gray

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Her real name is Natalie McIntyre. Macy Gray was a friend of her father's who lived nearby. She liked the sound of it, so she used it as a stage name.
Her marriage to Tracy Hinds ended in 1998, the same year she signed a record deal and started working on her first album. She had three children with Hinds: daughters Aanisah and Tahmel, and son Cassius. Gray's musical output slowed down as she focused on caring for her children as a single mother.
Macy studied screenwriting at the University of Southern California.
She struggled for years before becoming a successful solo artist. She was 30 by the time she hit it big. She feels her age and experience helped her handle the stardom.
For a while, she was the lead singer in a Rock band. They recorded an album, but it was never released.
She grew up in Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
They didn't know each other, but Marilyn Manson (known then as Brian Warner) grew up in her neighborhood.

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She was hired as a studio singer backing serveral pop stars before she herself brougth forht a big hit.
Besides, she appears as herself performing a live concert in the movie Spiderman.
And she contributed her hit single I try to the romantic movie with jennifer aniston Picture Perfect.
- Thorsten, Heidelberg, Germany
She sounds like Tina Turner swallowing razors and some whiskey, also she sounds like she's high on crack
- Nicholas Thompson, Landover, MD
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