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Damon Albarn (vocals, guitar) 2000-
Jamie Hewlett (illustrator) 2000-
Dan "The Automator" Nakamura (producer) 2000-

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Albarn is the frontman for the British rock group Blur. Hewlett draws comic books. He is most famous for Tank Girl, which was made into a movie starring rapper Ice-T and Stooges frontman Iggy Pop. Nakamura specializes in fantasy hip-hop, coming from the underground group Deltron 3030, which put its members into the year 3030, traveling the galaxy.
On its first album, Gorillaz featured the musicianship of Tom Tom Club/Talking Heads bassist Tina Weymouth and drummer Chris Frantz, Deltron 3030 rappers Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Kid Koala, Buena Vista Social Club singer Ibrahim Ferrer, and Cibo Matto singer Miho Hatori.
The group is a mixture of Nakamura and Albarn's music and Hewlett's animation. They designed four cartoon characters to be members of the group a la Spinal Tap. Murdoc is the devil-worshipping bass player, 2-D is the melancholy lead singer, Noodle is the 10-year-old Asian female guitarist, and Russel is the drummer/rapper.
Albarn and Hewlett were roommates. They got the idea to create this group after each ended long-term relationships. After the appropriate grieving period, they decided to make good use of their time and began work on the look and sound of their pet band.
In 2002, they went on tour. The band played behind a video screen that displayed their cartoon images. Albarn was the only member who played every show.

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I've drawn a few pictures of that... one guy... you know, with the dirty purple hair and the big eyebrows?
I love the songs "Feel Good Inc.", "Dare", and "Clint Eastwood."
And by the way, I have to admit that an animated band was a really cool idea.
But William Adams, Allen Pineda Lindo, Jamie Gomez and Stacy Ferguson (A.K.A. the Black Eyed Peas) are cooler.
- Raven, Millville, UT
It cant be sean lennon because he sings like his mom yoko ono (BLECH)Actually he cant sing. Besides it is damon albarn. Saying sean lennon is the singer is like saying clint eastwood is their producer becauseof their song clint eastwood!!
- Isaiah, San Jose, CA
Albarn has actually gone on record to say that the idea behind the cartoon characters was actually a dig at the state of the music industry. When the idea for this was conceived it was due to the fact that he had become disillusioned by the fact that there were so many 'manufactured' bands on the scene, i.e. Boyzone, Westlife, Steps etc, who have their entire image, and songs, provided for them by the record company. So as a bit of a laugh they decided to manufacture an entire band of cartoon people giving each a distinct personality (like the Spice Girls).
- Cari, Knebworth, England
So basically its a 3 person band. 1 Singer, 1 animator and 1 producer. And they portray virtual characters to give the "4 band members" perspective. When its only 3.

I would have to say, I've never seen that before.
Ingenious and remarkable idea. Must have burned through alot of weed to squeeze that one out lol.
Um, that's definitely fake. The lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, died in '92 or '93. He shot himself with a 12-guage.
- Jon, Salem, NH
The band rocks....

They just had the honour of having their most recent song played regular at my local club...

If they can make it there they can make it anywhere...

- Dean, Manchester, England
i heard that 2D is really sean lennon, and in the recent album there are referances to the beatles, such as the cover if held next to the Let It Be album, they look the same and they also face each other. in the inside of the cover, there is a picture w- the gorillaz on like the moon standing in the same way as the cover of the HELP! album. also on the inside is a picture that looks like the inside cover of the Sargent Peppers album.... i think there are clues around... maybe i could be wrong...
- David, Ft. Worth, TX
i think these guys rock and that the idea of an animated band is such an original idea. great thinking!
- Grace, Ventura, CA
I kind of liked their 1st single a few years ago so i was stupid and bought their album. Biggest mistake ever. It had to have been the crappiest music ever recorded. I hear better sounds when I take a crap
- Joel, Tempe, AZ
man i just have to say these (this?) guy or guys are weird i remember when they came out a couple of years ago, can you even call them a group?
- charlie, Thomaston, CT
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