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(May 23, 1974)

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Her full name is Jewel Kilcher. She was born in Payson, Utah and raised in Homer, Alaska.
Jewel started her career playing in a coffee house in San Diego, California called "Inner Change."
Her fan club is called the EDA's (Every Day Angels). The name was taken from a line in her song, "I'm Sensitive."
She stared in Ang Lee's 1999 film Ride With The Devil.
As a child, she was part of a family yodeling act.
Jewel attended the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan during high school before living in her VW van (according to interviews) for possibly less than a year before landing a record deal in California. At workshops for singers and songwriters, Jewel is often cited as an example of someone with a great story that the media is likely to pick up on. Her image as an Alaskan farm girl who slept in her car earned her a great deal of publicity and set her apart from other singer/songwriters. (thanks, Emily - Jackson, MI)
She stared as Dorothy in TNT's live stage version of The Wizard of Oz in 1995. Up to that point she was mainly known for her appearances on college radio. (thanks, Heather - Tilton , NH)
She married the rodeo star Ty Murray in 2008. The couple planned to compete together on Dancing With The Stars in 2009, but Jewel suffered stress fractures in her legs while practicing and had to drop out. Murray finished fourth.
Jewel's grandmother Ruth was an aspiring opera singer who left pre-war Germany for Alaska to marry a man she hardly knew. She made the bold move as she believed if her future family had any chance of success, it would be in a free country.

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Her new song "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" is the story of her rise to fame and the people who were there for her and the people who were not- in particular, her mother. It is a beautiful and powerful song- can't wait for the new CD.
- Robyn, Tucson, AZ
jewel is the kind of artist that she sang at depecult tone and keys,she has the voice of new era singer, his stayle of sing maybe not categorize on what ever singer or stayle of singing.
- babychina, manila, Other
The most soothing female voice. I have never been quite the same after I heard her sing.
- Don, Pittsburgh, PA
Lou is Lewis Field
- mandi, mesa, AZ
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