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Trey Anastasio (guitar, vocals)
Les Claypool (bass)
Stewart Copeland (drums)

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Oysterhead are considered one of the only successful supergroups in rock history — "supergroup" indicating that each member originally played for a band that had already achieved mainstream success. Anastasio was in Phish, Claypool from Primus, and Copeland played with The Police.
The first time the three played together, they never intended to develop into a band. The three musicians collaborated for a performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in May 2000, intending for it to be a one-off performance. However, the performance was so dynamic that the three agreed that further collaboration was in order. This culminated in studio sessions for the band's only album, 2001's The Grand Pecking Order, as well as a subsequent North American tour.
The band has reunited twice since the end of their 2001 tour, both times in 2006. The first reunion appearance was a two hour set at Bonnaroo, the second at the Allgood Music Festival. The band has expressed interest in reuniting to record more music if their schedules permit it.
Steward Copeland said an interview with Jam Base that the band considered "setlists are for wimps" to be a sort of motto. Reflecting this, the band would simply walk on stage and play whichever songs they felt like playing, all the while varying the music with jazz-like improvisation.
Oysterhead often integrated cover songs into their live setlists. These included Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" and The Animals' "The House Of The Rising Sun."

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But since then, as a Supergroup you have the Good, The Bad and the Queen or A Perfect Circle. IMHO You can forget about Asia.
- Jay, Geneva, Cheezland
they are so succesful, that ive never heard of them
- p, z, United States
Traveling Wilburys?? Asia??
- Mikey, Boston, MA
Only successful supergroup? Ok, then let's just forget about Cream...
- Tom, East Lyme, CT
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