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Paul Meany (vocals, keyboard)
Darren King (drums)
Greg Hill (guitar) 2003-2010
Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (bass) 2004-
Todd Gummerman (guitar) 2011-

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Mutemath started out as a long distance collaboration between frontman, Paul Meany and drummer. Darren King, who explained in our interview: "Back in 2000 through 2003, Paul and I were living in different cities: he in New Orleans, me in Nashville. I would make these instrumental tracks mainly out of samples from records that I would get either at the record store or check out at the library, and I would mail a CD to Paul, and he would sing on top of it."

King ultimately joined Meany in New Orleans and it was here they began recording under the 'Math' moniker with new guitarist, Greg Hill.
In September 2004, having changed their name to Mutemath, the band released their debut EP, Reset, through Teleprompt Records, an independent label formed between Mutemath's Paul Meany and producer, Tedd T. Bassist, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas joined the band soon after the release of Reset.
In 2005, Teleprompt Records sued Warner Brothers Music Group after they marketed Mutemath as a Christian rock band. Although Mutemath are open about their Christian faith, Teleprompt Records viewed Warner's marketing as a breach of contract and negligent mis-representation. Mutemath front man, Paul Meany, told Reuters: "I had no desire to be the Christian version of a real band." He added: "We're not the first band to share these challenges and there are going to be a lot of Christian fans upset. But I believe the majority of our fans in the Christian community are in support of what we're doing." In 2006, the suit was settled out of court, with a new contract and distribution deal arranged between Teleprompt and Warner Bros. Records.
In April 2007, Mutemath released their debut single, "Typical." The song's official video - directed by Israel Anthem - featured Mutemath performing the track backwards. The band later recreated the video using the same reverse playback technique on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The "Typical" video was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Video. The song gained further popularity after it was performed on American Idol by finalist, Chris Sligh.
Mutemath feature on Transformers: The Album, performing "Transformers Theme." The album was released in conjunction with Transformers, the 2007 action film directed by Michael Bay. Darren King revealed to us that Transformers fans didn't take too well to Mutemath's musical contribution: "What happened was Michael Bay or whoever did those movies liked this Linkin Park-ish sounding version. But I think the record label, Warner Brothers, didn't like it, didn't think it sounded good enough for the album. So they asked us, 'Would you just do a version for the album?' It was a weird situation. Paul and I talked about it and we thought, There's a good chance we'll get made fun of for this. And sure enough, we did. I think the Transformers fans were really not into something like what we did. It wasn't heavy enough. And I think if we can do it over again, we could have done it better. But I still enjoyed it. I had a blast doing that. The thing we agreed on is that if a 12-year-old Paul and Darren had heard that we had a chance to do a Transformers theme and we passed on it, we would have been so angry at ourselves."

Mutemath wasn't done with big movie soundtracks: their song, "Spotlight," gained popularity after it featured in the 2008 film, Twilight.
Mutemath have toured with multiple big-name artists including 30 Seconds to Mars, Alanis Morissette, Wolfmother and The Fray.
In July 2010, Mutemath drummer, Darren King, married Stacy DuPree, vocalist and keyboardist of Eisley.
In October 2010, it was announced guitarist, Greg Hill, had left Mutemath. A statement from the band said at the time: "The split was certainly amicable and there are no hard feelings. We're grateful for all the years Greg spent with us and wish him all the best." Hill was replaced by Todd Gummerman in August 2011.

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