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Lee Thompson (saxophone) 1978-1986; 1988
Chas Smash (horns, vocals) 1978-1986; 1988
Mike Barson (keyboards) 1978-1983
Chris Foreman (guitar) 1978-1986; 1988
Danny Woodgate (drums) 1978-1986
Mark Badford (bass) 1978-1986
Graham 'Suggs' McPherson (vocals) 1978-1986; 1988

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Originally named The Invaders, they changed to Madness in 1979.
Their debut album, One Step Beyond (1979), stayed on the UK charts for 78 weeks, peaking at #2.
The band starred in a 1981 movie, Take It or Leave It, that portrayed their own rise to fame.
Formed their own label, Zarjazz, in 1984.
They broke up in 1986, but re-formed as a four-piece band in 1988 with the name The Madness.
The 1992 UK-only compilation album Divine Madness reached #1 in that country.
The original members all reunited in 1992 to play two open air venues in London known as "Madstock."
They released their first studio album in 14 years in 1999. (thanks Kev - Scunthorpe, England for all above)
Another early name of the band's: Morris and the Minors.
They got the name Madness because that was their favorite song by Jamaican ska and reggae master Prince Buster.
They were dropped by Sire Records in the United States after their second album in 1980. They didn't have any American label representative for two years.
The Madness, from the late 1980's, the band was augmented by keyboardists Steve Nieve, Jerry Dammers, and bassist Bruce Thomas. Dammers was from the Specials. Nieve and Thomas were in the Attractions.
They influenced several ska bands of the 1990s, including No Doubt, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Reel Big Fish.
One of the most successful UK bands in the 1980s, Madness spent 214 weeks on the UK Singles Chart during the decade.
A musical based on Madness songs, Our House, opened at the Cambridge Theatre in London on October 28 2002. It ran to 16 August 2003 with Suggs playing for a period of time the central character's father. The production won an Olivier Award for best new musical of 2003.

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Mike is still in the band why does it say otherwise? Also madness still exists! Al the false information is insanifying!
- Timothy, Amsterdam, United States
Suggs currently DJ's on Virgin Radio in the UK, Friday and Saturday nights apptly playing 'Party Classics' - he's quite good too! :)
- Cari, Knebworth, England
Actually, their house was NOT in the middle of the street. It was on the corner of Yakona and Naturo Roads.
- Peanut, Pomonkey, MD
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