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Crowded House

Crowded House
Neil Finn (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Paul Hester (drums, vocals)
Nick Seymour (bass)
Tim Finn
Mark Hart

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Neil Finn and Hester started the band after playing together as a part of the New Zealand band Split Enz.
Bass player Nick Seymour did the cover art for all the band's albums.
Originally calling themselves the Mullanes (from Neil's middle name, Mullane), the name Crowded House was coined while they were recording their first album and living in a tiny (crowded) house in LA.
Despite two singles from their first album charting in the US ("Don't Dream it's Over" and "Something So Strong"), and repeated praise from music critics, they never achieved very good album sales in the states.
Front man Neil Finn has performed with and written songs for several higher profile artists, including Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crow, and Sebastian Bach.
Hester left the band a month before the end of their "Together Alone" tour in 1994. Two years later, after releasing their greatest hits compilation Recurring Dream, Neil Finn officially announced the breakup of the band. They have occasionally reunited for one-night-only shows, including their huge "Farewell to the World" concert at the Sydney Opera House. (thanks, Jordan - North Bend, WA, for all above)
Nick Seymour's brother Mark is lead singer of the popular Australian band Hunters and Collectors. (thanks, Jennie - Newcastle, Australia)
On March 26, 2005, Paul Hester's body was found in a local park, and it was reported that he had hanged himself. It is believed that he had been suffering from depression for a number of years. (thanks, Scott - Melbourne, Australia)

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are currently reforming to do a tour around australia
- marlow, perth
Both Neil Finn and his brother Tim Finn tour togehter. They teamed up in Split Enz before this.
- Dave, Canberra, Australia
Paul Hester battled depression for years, and took his own life March 26 '05. It is an enormous loss.
- Jo, Newcastle, Australia
Sad to hear about the death of Paul Hester.(Drummer)

A great musician and was a very comical and fun loving guy .

The music world have lost a gem

- David, UK, England
tim finn was kicked out years and years ago
- marlow, perth, Australia
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