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Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós
Jon Thor Birgisson (Jonsi) (vocals, guitar)
Georg Holm (bass)
Kjartan Sveinsson (keyboards)
Orri Pal Dyrason (drums)

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The band is from Iceland. "Sigur Ros" in Icelandic means "Victory Rose." It also happens to be a very popular girls name in that country. The lead singer's (Jón ór Birgisson) little sister is actually named Sigur Ros as well.
Their songs are in Icelandic and the lyrics are a made-up gibberish language that they have created and called "Hopelandic." Jon Jonsi Birgisson told Uncut magazine: "I don't like to go into much detail about the songs, but as a broad rule the faster ones are the happy ones and they are mostly about achievement. And the slower ones are sad, and they are mostly about failure."
Three of their songs were featured in the soundtrack to the Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky. (thanks, Shannon - Kathleen, GA, for all above)
On their first album Von Sigur Ros painted the studio in exchange for recording the album.
The string quartet that plays with Sigur Ros is called Amina. Most of their arrangements are improvised.
Birgisson has been blind in one eye since birth. (thanks, Dane - Kaneohe, HI, for above 3)
Jon Thor Birgisson explained the band's Hopelandic language to Q Magazine: "It has a structure that I do sing the same things all the time, but there's no grammar," he said. "When I sing the songs that are in Hopelandic I am singing the same words, the same sounds. It's more similar to English than Icelandic in some ways, it has a similar flow, but you can't translate it."

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It should also mention that Jonsi is a vegetarian. Also, not all lyrics are in Hopelandic. Many are, but some are actually in Icelandic.
- Kaitlyn, Brick, NJ
JFY: They have a new ablum coming out mid September (17th I think). Should be good-- i think the tracks have names this time.. heh.
- lexie, st. louis, MO
This band rules but you gotta love it!
- Michel, Appingedam, Netherlands
I love the info provided. Rare bands are sometimes hard to find info for. I'm glad this website has been able to help me. Thanks!
- Stephanie, La Mirada, CA
I can't believe that bands like this are on here, and yet ones like Stve Miller Band, Supertramp, The Yardbirds, and Thin Lizzy aren't.
- Cody, San Antonio, TX
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