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The Damned

The Damned
David Vanian (David Letts) (vocals)
Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns) (bass/guitar) 1976-1983, 1988-
Brian James (guitar) 1976-1978
Rat Scabies (drums) 1976-1995
Lu Edmunds (guitar) 1977
Garry Dreadful (drums) 1995-1998
Pinch (drums) 1998-
Algy Ward (bass) 1978-1979
Paul Gray (bass) 1979-1983
Bryn Merrick (bass) 1984-1988
Roman Jugg (guitar) 1983-1988
Patricia Morrison (bass) 1998-2004
Stu Cummings (bass) 2004-
Alan Lee Shaw (guitar) 1993-1996
Kris Dollimore (guitar) 1993-1996
Monte Oxy-Moron (keyboards) 1998-

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The Damned were the first British Punk band to release a full length disc: Damned Damned Damned in 1976.
Lemmy from Motorhead played bass on the 1978 release Motordamn.
Captain Sensible had a #1 UK hit with "Happy Talk," an old show tune, in 1982, prompting him to leave The Damned to pursue a solo career.
The Damned contributed "Dead Beat Dance" to the 1984 movie Return Of The Living Dead.
Kris Dollimore went from The Damned to Del Amitri.
Brian James left The Damned to form The Lords Of The New Church with Stiv Bators.
Paul Gray was in Eddie And The Hot Rods before joining The Damned. He can no longer play shows due to tinnunitus, a buzzing in the ears.
Patricia Morrison was in The Bags and married David Vanian. She left the band when she gave birth to their daughter.
In 1989 the original 4 members (Dave Vanian, Brian James, Captain Sensible, Rat Scabies) reunited for a "Farewell" tour. The Damned reunited in 1993 without James and Sensible to release Not Of This Earth.
Garry Dreadful and Monte Oxy-Moron were in Captain Sensible's band during his solo years.
They broke up in 1977 and reformed in 1978 without Brian James and Lu Edmunds. Captain moved to guitar from bass and Algy Ward (from The Saints) took over bass.
Lu Edmunds went on to Public Image Ltd with John Lydon. (thanks, Rich - Stevensville, MD, for all above)
Onstage, Dave Vanian often dressed up in formal dress and white makeup, resembling a vampire. (thanks, alex - Glendale, AZ)

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