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George Michael

(June 25, 1963)
George Michael

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He was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in Bushley, Hertfordshire, England.
The first band he formed was called The Executives. Included in its lineup was Andrew Ridgley, who would later become the other half of the duo Wham! (thanks, Paul - Detroit, MI, for above 2)
His album Faith (which he produced) won Album Of The Year at the Grammy Awards in 1988. He also won a Grammy in 1987, for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal, shared with Aretha Franklin for the song, "I Knew You Were Waiting for Me." (thanks, Ari - Elizabeth, NJ)
Michael has been arrested twice, first in 1998 for lewd conduct in a Los Angeles bathroom, and again in 2006 when police discovered marijuana in his car. After the first incident, where Michael was caught by an undercover cop, he declared his homosexuality and wrote a song about it called "Outside," where he made fun of the incident.
Michael was just 19 when Wham! rose to fame in Europe, and he became a favorite with young girls. It was also a very difficult time for him, as he struggled with fame and with his identity. He explained in a 1988 talk with Q magazine: "Around '84 it wasn't me. I don't know who I wanted me to be. I became this harmless, feminine-looking David Cassidy figure who all the little girls could take home without any fear of me putting my hand up their skirt. It was a strange situation because before that I wasn't the type of guy who could walk into a room and pull any bird, and suddenly, at 19, I could."
He has always avoided talking about his sexuality, which led to lots of speculation in the British press that he was gay. His typical response was, "People haven't the right to know."

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Say what you want concerning his sexuality, George Michael is a musical GENIOUS (and I've only heard that term used referring to one other & that's Stevie Wonder). Gotta agree with you, Erin... even if we underappreciate what we have in him, future generations will be inspired by what we blew off. And while I feel that homosexuality is wrong, I've never liked him for his sexuality, but for his soulful, inspiring, introspective songs. Has been my favorite sing I first heard that sax at the beginning of Careless Whisper. If only we could get past our biases & LISTEN, without prejudice!
- Red, Tarboro, NC
George Michael is one messed up guy - BUT.... HOW does he not get the credit for being one of the greatedst voices as well as writers in pop history??? The man is TALENTED!! Is it because, as he so clearly spells out in Faith, that he feels he 'sold out" to the pop machine? After Wham and then hits like I Want Your Sex did people just stop actually listening? Listen Without Predjudice was more than an album title. It was a real statement because his voice and his lyrics are far too once-in-a-lifetime for a person who has become nothing more than fodder for the tabloids. George, if you are out there, please just keep singing and writing because in generations to come your work will be what future stars will name as thier influence. You are a treasure. "SIR" Elton John my a$$! George writes relevent songs about things other than drug abuse and non-sense PLUS - HE can SING like few others ever have!!!
- Erin, portland, OR
Georgios is George in Greek.Georg e ous is how it's pronounced..Kyriacos is his middle..Kyr e ac os is the pronunciation of his middle name...Panayiotou is Pan ey ot ou..the origin and nationality is Greek Cypriot..I don't know the meaning..Hope I could help
- Cindy, High Point, NC
Yes, especially if no one knew how to pronounce the name. How do you pronounce it?
- Annabelle, Eugene, OR
The name is Greek. I don't know why he decided on George Michael, but wouldn't you pick something a little simpler if you wanted to become famous and had a given name like Georgios Kyriacos Panayioutou?
- Paul, Detroit, MI
These are the greatest mysteries to me, and I wonder if anyone can solve them. How did he get the name George Michael? How do you pronounce the name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou? What is the origin and nationality, and possible meaning of the name Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou?
- Annabelle, Eugene, OR
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