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(September 8, 1979)

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Her real name is Alecia Moore. Her childhood nickname was "Pink," which then became her trademark hair color, and her artist name.
She married motocross rider Carey Hart on January 7, 2006, in Costa Rica. They met in 2001, and she proposed to him at a motocross race by holding up a sign reading "Will you marry me?" as he rode by. They separated in February of 2008, but got back together about a year later.
Part of a musical family, by age 13 she was a regular on the Philadelphia club scene. At 14, she began writing her own songs. Pink was spotted one night by an executive for MCA, who asked her to audition, which eventually led to signing with L.A. Reid/Babyface label LaFace.
In 2000, her debut album Can't Take Me Home went double-platinum and spawned 3 top 10 hits. She got further exposure in 2001 performing on the remake of "Lady Marmalade." (thanks, Jo - Newcastle, Australia, for all above)
She had asthma as a child, and helped develop her singing voice when she learned how to breathe properly to treat the condition. (thanks, Peaches - Tough Broadsville, GA)
She is a supporter of P.E.T.A., and has asked the editors at Vogue to stop featuring fur in their magazine. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
Pink played piano live for the first time during the April 2013 UK leg of her The Truth About Love Tour.
Pink's daughter Willow received her name because such trees are tough and can't be broken.

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My favorite song was "Dear Mr. President."
- danielle, corning, IA
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