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Nat & Alex Wolff

Nat & Alex Wolff
Nat Wolff
Alex Wolff

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Nat and Alex are brothers who make up a Rock duo based in New York. They started off as The Silver Boulders (when Nat was still in preschool) and later became The Naked Brothers Band before recording as Nat & Alex Wolff.
Nat and Alex are the sons of Michael Wolff (the music director of the Arsenio Hall Show), and Polly Draper (star of the sitcom Thirtysomething). Michael would often play different forms of jazz to Nat, which was a big inspiration.
Alex learned to play the saxophone at the age of two and a half. Eventually, he switched to the drums and an impressed Nat allowed him to join the band.
After the 9/11 attacks, Nat wrote a song titled "Firefighters." Alex wanted to perform alongside Nat at a benefit concert, so Nat gave him a fake plastic saxophone to play. After the benefit concert, the band was then asked to play weddings and Christmas parties.
They became The Naked Brothers Band when Nat was 9 and Alex was 6. They took the name because Nat and Alex would jump out of the bathtub as toddlers and shout, "We're the Naked Brothers Band!"
At age 6, Alex wrote a melody with no lyrics. Nat soon added lyrics to the melody, resulting in their first single, "Crazy Car."
After begging their parents, Nat and Alex went into the studio to record a demo tape. While recording, their mother Polly Draper got the idea to make a mockumentary style film about the band as if they were as huge as The Beatles. The result was The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie. The band featured short appearances by many celebrities, most of whom were friends of the boys' parents. The film went on to win the audience award at the Hampton Flim Festival. The film was then picked up by the cable channel Nickelodeon and was aired in 2006. After the success of the movie, Nickelodeon picked up an order for a television series based on the movie. The show lasted 3 seasons.
The Naked Brothers Band's self-titled debut album was released in 2007. Nat and Alex had no idea how big they were until they attended an autograph signing for the album the day before. In 2008, the band released their second album, I Don't Wanna Go to School.
Soon after the cancelation of their television series, Nat and Alex started performing under the banner Nat & Alex Wolff. (thanks, Alec Thorp - Yorktown Heights, NY, for all above)

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