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The Boomtown Rats

The Boomtown Rats
Bob Geldof (vocals)
Johnny Fingers (keyboards, vocals)
Gerry Roberts (guitar, vocals)
Gerry Cott (guitar)
Pete Briquette (bass)
Simon Crowe (drums, vocals)

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Geldof organized Band Aid and Live Aid, which went to help victims of famine in Africa.
Geldof appeared in the Pink Floyd movie The Wall.
Geldof, because he is Irish and therefore cannot receive a knighthood, received a KBE which is equivalent. He is popularly known as Sir or Saint Bob. (thanks, Flo - London, England)
Paula Yates, who died in 2000 and had an affair with Michael Hutchince from INXS at the time of his death, was married to Geldof.

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George, Grimsby England.

What you have written is 100% accurate as I heard Bob Geldof confirm it himself when he was on "this is your life". Similarly, Bad Manners had to change their name too as their record company took offence when they called themselves The Sheet Starchers!

Graham, Preston England
- Graham, Preston, United Kingdom
Geldof is not entitled to call himself "sir" because he isnt an English citizen, however considering his KBE status and his huge humanitarian work I dont think it really matters what he calls himself.
- Draco, Perth, Australia
Has anyone read "Is That It?" Best Book Ever!
- Racine, Truro, MA
I beleive Boomtown rats were originally called mark Skid & the Y Fronts. because record companies would not sign them up under this name they became the group we all 'know and love'. Is there anyone out there who can confirm this for me?
- George, Grimsby, England
I don't think he's ever been called 'Sir' Bob Geldof.
- Tom, Trowbridge, England
yeah, non british knights can only put KBE at the end of there name
like Steven Spielberg, KBE
- Ariel, Woodbridge, CT
Bob Geldof doesn't have a full British knighthood, only an honorary one because he is an Irish citizen. I'm not sure whether he's entitled to call himself Sir Bob or not.
- Emery, London, England
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