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The Kinks

The Kinks
Ray Davies (vocals, guitar) 1963-
Dave Davies (guitar) 1963-
Peter Quaife (bass) 1963-1969
Mick Avory (drums) 1963-1984
John Dalton (bass) 1971-1978
John Gosling (keyboards) 1971-1978
Andy Pyle (bass) 1976-1978
Jim Rodford (bass, vocals) 1978-
Gordon Edwards (keyboards) 1978
Ian Gibbons (keyboards) 1979-1988
Bob Henrit (drums) 1984-
Mark Haley (keyboards) 1989-

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The Kinks were formed by the Davies brothers, who generally do not get along. Their family structure may have something to do with it: Ray and Dave Davies were the 7th and 8th children in their family. The first 6 were girls.
Ray Davies had an affair with Chrissie Hynde. They have a daughter, Natalie.
Early names were The Ravens and The Bo Weevils. The Kinks is based on the word "Kinky," which they heard on the TV show The Avengers.
After playing a show in Illinois in 1966, the promoter invited them to his house and asked them to spend the night. They got a queasy feeling at his house and decided to stay at a hotel. They later learned that the promoter was serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
Ray Davies was shot in 2004. While visiting New Orleans with his wife, a mugger stole her bag. Davies gave chase and the perpetrator shot him in the leg, causing severe injuries.
Ray Davies' sister, Rene, died the day he turned 13. She gave him his first guitar that year as a birthday present.
Ray Davies has dabbled in film throughout his career, primarily in the '80's. In 1986, he was in the movie Absolute Beginners. He also worked on One For the Road and Return to Waterloo. Dave Davies was also in One For the Road.
Avory almost joined the Rolling Stones. He played with them at a few early live shows.
In 1969, The Kinks wrote one of the first rock operas: Arthur, or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire. It was released the same year as the Who's more successful Tommy, so many have forgotten about it.
Rodford had been a member of Argent and helped refine the messy, booze-infested live shows for which the Kinks had become known during most of the Seventies. Later member Henrit had also been a member of Argent.

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Through email, I became friends with a local dj. Had to send her a copy of Something Else by the Kinks so she could play "Waterloo Sunset." She told me the feedback regarding the song was very positive. Since then, she's played "Waterloo" a couple of times. If you want to hear good music on the radio, you have to be proactive.
- Bruce, Grove City, PA
Heres a good Kinks resource site...
Forget getting Kinks lyircs from that oneworthless site with the bright green background!
- Allen, Bethel, AK
Yes! Im Not the only one out there with a Kinky Boots Shirt Lol
- Mleissa, Wasaga Beach, Canada
The Kinks are definitely under-rated. They have WAY more songs then just "You Really Got Me", and "Lola". I feel they're just as good as The Beatles. I was finally able to find an orange "Kinky Boots" shirt on ebay. I love it!
- Allen, Bethel, AK
The Kinks were banned from playing in the U.S. due to problems with the American Federation of Musicians (the U.S. musician's union), not because the brothers fought a lot.
- Jamie, Toronto, Canada
I love the Kinks. They have such a different variety of songs. For example: You Really Got Me, Shangri-La, Lola, Come Dancing, and Destroyer all sound completely different. Without the voices, you couldn't tell it was the same band. Definately underrated.
- Chris, Sunnyvale, CA
Wow I've never heard of a Pop/Punk Band but if there was one it'd be the Kinks
- Noel, Dublin, Ireland
Dave Davies is GOD!! :)
- Ben, NYC, MS
...But The Village Green Preservation Society sounds so happy and peaceful. Songs like All of my Friends Were There and Animal Farm. hmm.
- Matthew, Downers Grove, IL
I heard that the davies brothers fought so much at one show, that the Kinks were banned in the States for
4 years.
- Stefanie magura, Rock Hill, SC
most people know how much the two brothers hated each other, but this is crazy. in the late 60's ray and dave davies were eating lunch at cafe place in new york. dave tried to steal one of rays french frys. but ray caught him, get ready for it, stabbed dave in the chest with a damn knife
- Sam, Philadelphia, PA
Recommended reading for Kinks fiends: "X-Ray, the Unauthorized Autobiography" by Ray Davies (1995). This is a surprising quasi-fictional history of Ray and the Kinks. The book lead to his solo "Storyteller" tour & CD, where Davies combined stories with songs.
- Olaf, Occidental, CA
In 1986 Ray Davis appeared in the film 'Absolute Beginners'.
- Kev, Scunthorpe, England
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