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Jeff Keith (vocals)
Tommy Skeoch (guitar)
Frank Hannon (guitar, keyboards)
Brian Wheat (bass)
Troy Luccketta (drums)

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They are named after scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. The band tried to raise the profile of Tesla by giving the Smithsonian Institute a bust of the scientist, which they rejected.
A Tesla is a unit of magnetic flux. Many of us learn this in Physics class but none of us remembers it.
The band broke up in 1995, they got back together in 2000.
They formed in Sacramento, California. A disk jockey there helped get them back together to tour after they broke up.
Skeoch had drug problems and was the first to leave the band. The other members broke up shortly after.

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Awesome band!!! I cant Belive they aren't famous
- ily, Wellington, New Zealand
'Psychotic Supper' and 'The Great Radio Controversy' are two GREAT rock albums.
- Lester, New York City, NY
i love tesla they have such a good band and great song!
- Samantha, Missouri, MO
Tommy Skeoch was born on Feb. 5, 1962, in Santa Monica, CA. He is not from Yugoslavia.
- CoverQueen, Schuyler, United States
Was the introduction to Love Song (by Tesla) based on or actually a classical piece? Bueller? Bueller?
- Greg, OKC, OK
Nikola Tesla is of Yugoslav decent... and it seems that Tommy Skeoch is from that region...
- Bubba, Perth, Australia
No, they were not Navu Seals. Also, Tesla is not a horrible band, obviously you just have absolutely no taste.
- Shari, Whittier, CA
Great scientist, horrible band. Heavy metal crap.
- Mike, Baltimore, MD
Tesla..One of the greatest/underrated True Rock and Roll bands of all time. Great lyrics Awesome guitar licks and kick ass vocals. What happend to rock and roll like this..
- Rick, Austin, TX
When I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, I heard the band members were former "Navy Seabees". Is this true?
- James, Anaheim, CA
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