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Blind Faith

Blind Faith
Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)
Steve Winwood (keyboards, vocals)
Ric Grech (bass)
Ginger Baker (drums)

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They were one of the first Rock Supergroups. Clapton and Baker had been in Cream, Winwood was in Traffic and The Spencer Davis Group, and Grech was in a group called Family.
They released only one album, and started touring before it came out. They sold out most of their shows based on the reputations of the band members. This candle blew out quickly: after their first tour, the band broke up.
Their first concert was a free show at Hyde Park in London. Over 35,000 fans showed up.
Clapton and Winwood performed together in a band called Eric Clapton's Powerhouse in 1966. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
The live shows did not live up to their standards and disappointed many fans. They had very little time to rehearse, and had poor chemistry as a band.
Clapton named the group. Blind Faith is what the fans had as they came out to see them without hearing any of their music first. It was also the name of the photo on the album cover.
They did not have enough original material to fill the sets at their concerts, so they played songs from their old bands (Cream, Traffic, The Spencer Davis Group), to fill.
The album cover showed a young girl holding a model spaceship. She was topless, which caused a great deal of controversy. An alternate cover with a band photo was issued for stores that refused to stock it.
Clapton formed Derek and the Dominos with members of Delaney and Bonnie's group after Blind Faith broke up. Delaney and Bonnie were touring with Blind Faith.
Winwood sang lead on all the tracks on the album.
Their sound was inspired by The Band's album Music From Big Pink.

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blind faith was a supergroup that collapsed under the weight of it's supposed delivery. if they would have just had fun they might have rocked for 5-10 years.
- jackie, columbus, OH
"Presence of the Lord" or whatever it's called is good too. I like can't find my way home better though.
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
"Can't Find My Way Home" is a great song. I haven't heard much else from them.
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
I'm not saying that they didn't let the older sister pose, but I'm suprised that they let the younger sister pose!
- Stefanie magura, Rock Hill, SC
I'm suprised that the parents let the younger sister pose instead of the older one!
- Stefanie magura, Rock Hill, SC
The girl on the cover of the Blind Faith album is NOT related to anyone in the band, this per an interview with Bob Seidemann, the cover's photographer. Bob had the idea of the cover in mind but did not have someone to pose. While riding the London subway, he saw a young girl who would be perfect and asked her to pose for the cover. He went to the girl's house to ask her parents' permission to pose topless for the cover. They agreed but the girl backed out. However, the girl's younger sister begged the parents to let her pose instead. They agreed and the younger sister ended up posing for the cover. Seidemann called the image "Blind Faith" and Eric Clapton made that the name of the group.
- Joel, Chicago, IL
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